JW1EOA Svalbard Isl 10-15 th june 2011

I was qrv from Svalbard Island at 10-15th june 2011, its my 4rd  time in JW land. Propagation from 20-10 metre. Unfortunately the propagation was not strong enough that I could work any 6 metres. Weather war very good, up to 10 degrees and 24 hours sunshine. The midnight sun in Svalbard is something special.


QSL cards can be sent direct to my adress pse enclose $ 2 or 1 irc to cover the mailcost. Also bureau is ok, Pse for Jw1eoa no e-qsl.

Best regards JW1EOA/LA1EOA


4 responses to “JW1EOA Svalbard Isl 10-15 th june 2011

  1. Many thanks for qso and NewOne


  2. Hi
    Just finished our QSO in 14220
    I am a hunter for WFF station You are in JW wich is LAFF area. See http://wff44.com/ru/rules/rules_wff/
    All QSO receved in ADIF file at ew4dx@tut.by are showed at http://ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html
    Hope you cad do it
    Pit YO3JW

  3. nice qso today! hope to see you soon on the air.

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the last few QSO, hope you have had a good trip to Svalbard. I worked LA6KOA in North Norway tonight, so I hope the conditions stay good!

    73s, see you on the air


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