LA1EOA general info

NEWS:  10-15th june 2011 qrv as JW1EOA Longyearbyen Svalbard.

Frequencies  ; 20m (14220) 17m(18125) 15m(21285) 12m(24965) 10m(28505)

Here some info regarding my person and Ham radio.

Qth location: Oppdal . My qth is in the countryside exactly 10 km west of the centre of Oppdal. Locator:JP42SO . I am very satisfied that I am living in a area big enough to use DX antennas for most HAM bands. In the period Oct-april also quite active on the lower bands as 80 and 40 mt. In the period april-october I am concerning more regarding the higher bands including the 6 mt(50mhz)

I am i periods qrv portable from several Islands in the west coast of Norway (radio and fishing), basiccally in the areas (Iota ref eu036). If you work me from one of those island I will certainly be able to confirm your qso with me.

I am also qrv from Svalbard (JW1EOA) and my next trip will certainly be published on this web site. My working conditions at home qth: Rtx Kenwood ts 870,Yaesu ft 757 gx,Icom ic 706 mk2g. I am also very proud to be a owner of the Old equipment Sommerkamp TS 288 A from 1972. It works 100%.

Antennas are Moseley TA33 3 element beam, home made 4 element beam for the higher bands. 1/4 Wave for 40 and 80 metres and different antennas from time to time. I got very often a antenna experiment project.

I am born in 1959 married with two adult daughters.We got 2 dogs aswell,bearded collie and eurasier which is the family`s main hobby.

I hope to be qrv from several rare dx cc in the future.

Best regard from LA1EOA  Roar


9 responses to “LA1EOA general info

  1. Thnak you for the QSO of 23/05/2010.
    Pier IZ4OXX

  2. Hi Road. I copy very well 5/5.7 .Thanks for the contact 12-06-2010.-
    Alfredo ec8ads

  3. Many Thanks for the contact from JW1EOA.
    73 Mike K4MIA

  4. Hello Roar,
    Thanks for QSO 14/07/2010 – (06:45 / 20M). It was really amazing to get a response from LA station using just 5 watts only an LW antenna. My station was located in SP – grid KO13ow.
    Vy 73 es gd dx
    Stan – PA1EDB

  5. Hi, tnx, my first QSO in 20 m band in Norway!!! I’am a new Ham radio, very important contact (13/03/2011)!!!!


  6. Thank you Roar for the contact this evening, you were 5/9 into Bristol in the uk. 73’s to you and your family and I very much hope to talk with you on the bands again sometime soon.


  7. TNX QSO DR Roar in 20 m, SSB, 21-4-2011, ur RS 57- 59 signal strong. My FT-7 fine 10 w pep, 5-7 watts in modulation; your ft-817 is good QRP rig.
    Hasta pronto Roar.
    Luis, EA5HWP/QRP (ex EA5ABP/QRP).

  8. Andy Schofield m6pxy

    HI . If you see this message. Info for building an HF 4 band, mono, 3 element Yagi is on DK7ZB. Andy M6PXY in the portable HF section.

  9. Hei Roar,det var fint a treffe deg pa 40 m. Desverre hadde jeg mye forstyrrelse og qsb. Kannskje funker det bedre pa neste gang. Hilser fra Tyskland Ingo , DL1HWK

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